Paul and Allie in Thailand

For the safety of the people we work with, our team and for the nature of our work, we have simplified our web presence for contact and fundraising purposes only.  For updates of our current projects, prayer requests and community development efforts, please contact to join our monthly newsletter.

We are excited to share how you can join us and be a part of our journey in Thailand.


Paul and Allie

Hello 2017!!

Thank you so much for joining us for a wild 2016.  Your thoughts and prayers getting us over here and starting our transition have been truly impactful. We were able to share a lot about how God is working in SE Asia and our lives and we promise to keep it coming. You are a huge encouragement to us in our mission field.  May God continue to give strength and encouragement to His body of believers as we all serve Him in 2017 around the world.


Quick update and some awesome answered prayers:

  • For Freedom International, if you didn’t already know is our organization and it’s taking off!  Check out our website:
  • Things are moving quicker than we anticipated with the hair salon ministry. Two salons in California have an annual Christmas “Giving Tree” and are donating all of the donations raised to the training salon here in SE Asia!! We are so thrilled and so thankful!
  • We got our signature on our foundation application from a high ranking government official.  It’s crazy how fast it happened compared to many NGO’s in SE Asia.
  • Praise God for his provision over language studies and Thai relationships.
  • We got to spend Christmas with 2 missionaries from Pattaya. It was so refreshing for our souls…we were very blessed by them.   Check out a fun christmas video here.

Pray for us as we continue to drink from the fire hydrant of the Thai Language. We love learning this beautiful language!  ผมคิดว่าพูดภาษาไทยยากมากฯ 



 Real Men Buy Flowers not Girls

Please begin praying about one of our biggest Red Light District Outreach Events on Valentines Day where 100 volunteers reach 1,000 women and ladyboys working in the sex industry.  We are praying for $5,000 for gift bags that include flowers, makeup and a story track on God’s love. Will update more mid January about where to give if you are interested.

  You can’t buy Freedom, but you can give towards creating opportunities for physical, emotional and spiritual Freedom in Christ. Thanks for continuing to support our mission in SE Asia. 

If you’d like to donate please check out our Support Us page!

When in SE Asia…

Hi Everyone,

You don’t see this everyday: All I can say is that it’s just different over here.

Inline image 2

Thanks for your prayers: We arrived in SE Asia two weeks ago and we are happy to report that we are alive and well.  For all of you who prayed for safe travels.  Thank you!  We made it!

For those of you who prayed for health and no sickness!  We haven’t gotten sick from food once! (which is unheard of)  Thank you so much.

Getting Situated: It’s been a positive couple of weeks.  It’s been great getting to know our team.  They have been helping us out by driving us around, housing us, feeding us and showing us our new city.  I’d say we’re finally starting to adjust.  We are finding out where to eat, where to shop, how to survive the roads of Th-il-nd and basic cultural norms.  We love it here!  Our team feels like we’ve been making quick progress as we are will be moving into our house this weekend and we got our new modes of transportation (seen below).  God keeps taking care of us!

Inline image 1

We were lucky to have our team wait for our arrival to participate in our first ever team strategic planning session.  It was great to dream big, discuss the incremental steps we plan on taking this first year and interact for the first time in a team setting.  We represent 6 countries.  It gave us a great idea of where we are at as a team and put us on the same page with moving forward.  We are going to be very busy this year.  Look at this ordinary bunch!

Inline image 1

“The men and women our Lord sends out on His endeavors are ORDINARY human people, but people who are controlled by their devotion to Him which has been brought about through the work of the Holy Spirit.”  – Oswald Chambers

Inline image 3

Learning Th-i: We are happy to be part of a team that is keeping to their promise of empowering us for the long term.  This commitment is a testament to their vision for ministry in SE Asia.  We’re realizing that language learning is going to need to be our ministry for the first 6 months if not longer.  People have called us bold for moving overseas, but unless we can learn Th-i, we won’t be able to break the surface with the people we want to reach with the Gospel.  Please be praying for this transition and our learning.  We start school on Tuesday!

Prayer Requests:

  • Th-i foundation application – We are about to submit our application.  Please pray for this process as it is pretty complicated.
  • Ministry Center – We are actively looking at locations on the island for the ministry center/office building. Please pray for wisdom and God ordained favor for a reasonably priced location. We are visiting a possible location tomorrow.
  • Children at Risk camp – When you go to bed on Friday night, we will be starting our first camp for about 20 kids from a local slum village.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide our leaders and work in the lives of these kids.
Thanks for reading and so happy that I get to write these updates from our new home!
Paul and Allisan

Beeghly Update: New Mercies

Hi Everyone,

Let this update serve as a reminder for me to “let it go!”

I have a confession to make: I’m a control freak!! Most of you probably already knew that, but it is something that I am learning all over again!  I have to let go of control and submit to God’s watch.
Allisan and I were planning to leave on September 1st, but it wasn’t God’s timing for us.  I had a hard time coming to that understanding when we knew we would be delayed; especially after having over $7,000 (yes there was a lot of stuff in our backpacks) of stuff stolen on our way to catch our plane to Thailand.


It was also a heavy realization that this could be a part of God’s timing because waiting is tough.  I remember even selfishly thinking, “God, my time is important and I can’t do anything here!”  Out of protest, we stubbornly refused to unpack any checked bags and have been living out of our carry on suitcases.  We even shared deodorant for 3 weeks!
God spoke to me through an old hymn that I used to hear from the organ at my church growing up. The song Great is they Faithfulness came on and for me it has made all the difference. Here is a link to one of my favorite version:
Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see.
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided,
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me! 

Because I was thinking only about me, I missed seeing God’s faithfulness in this whole situation!  He has been in control the whole time.  If we let go of our expectations, we can try to see what God is doing in our lives. Here are the some of the ways that God has blessed us and answered our prayers:
“All I have needed Thy hand hath provided”: We have not wanted for anything!  Here are several examples:
  • We got 84% of our insurance claim and were able to replace pretty much everything.
  • God put very friendly people on the other side of everything who showed compassion to us!
  • We received donations that will be enough for us to live off of during our 6 weeks or so in the U.S. and pay off our deductibles and car smog/registration! We haven’t had to dig into what we have raised so far for Southeast Asia.
  • We got our new passports on the day that we were praying that they would return!
  • Our parents continue to graciously feed us and house us.
“Pardon for sin and Peace that endureth, Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide”:  If we believe that Christ died for us and He lives in us then we can rejoice during this set back! He gives a peace that transcends all understanding and if we keep Him first, we are confident in whatever God’s timing is for us.
“Blessings all mine with ten thousand beside”: We have an amazing support system with 100’s praying for us and thinking of us and speaking the Love of God into our lives.  Thank you to all who have reached out to support us financially and pray for us.
Departure Update: 
Take this update as our best guess.  If I didn’t learn what God was trying to teach me then I’d convince you that we know exactly when we are flying away to Southeast Asia. Here are our next steps for what we hope will be an October 15th departure at the latest:
  • We received our new passports on Friday!
  • We have to reapply to our school in SE Asia for our education visa.  This is done through email and although it took 4 weeks this past summer, we are working with the school and are hoping to have it next Monday.
  • We will buy plane tickets once we get this back.
  • We will print it off, sign it and drive down to Los Angeles and stand in line at the Consulate.  Our expectation is that we will physically stand in line for 6 years, but we’re hoping it will be shorter!
  • Once it’s completed, we will drive back to Santa Rosa where we are based and finish packing, rest and get ready for SE Asia!


Prayer Requests: Thank you for thinking of us and praying for God’s timing and health and safety. 
  • Pray for ‘Goong’ who is processing our school application in SE Asia
  • Safety down to L.A.
  • Speedy Visa approval at the Consulate
  • Available plane tickets that are affordable for us and seats next to each other for our long travel journey.
Thanks for reading we love and appreciate you guys!  Be sure to check out our giving page to consider partnering with us monthly.
Paul and Allisan

Update from D.C. and North Carolina Ya’ll

Haiiy Ya’ll,

Let this blog post serve as a public announcement of love – I am in love with Bojangles Fried Chicken and biscuits.  With that said, I still haven’t had BBQ down here yet, so I may be in a confusing and delicious love triangle.  That’s right!  We have had a successful and safe trip down to what feels like the very very deep deep south.  Ever heard of Union Mills, NC? Didn’t think so!
As many of you know, Allie and I were in Michigan and got to drive down to Washington DC on our way to our training. It was my first time and we were excited to attend a Christian event on the mall of the capitol where we got to see Casting Crowns, Crowder, Lecrae, Hillsong and great speakers like Francis Chan and Ravi Zacharias.  It was a fun event and great heat and humidity training for SE Asia.  It was so hot that they cancelled the event 5 hours early and 350 people had reportedly passed out from heat exhaustion.  DC in the summer is beautiful/brutal.  We also got to attend an International Justice Mission meeting in the same church that Frederick Douglas used to attend; a very fitting location for modern day abolitionists.


We have made it to our cross cultural and missionary training at the Center for Intercultural Training.  It has been such a focused and formative time as we prepare for ministry.  Among the many things we are covering, I feel most grateful about learning to process how to leave America well – which will directly effect transitioning well in SE Asia.  It’s been really important for Allie and I to face the entirety of our transition head on because it’s easy (especially for me) to bury all of my thoughts and feelings.  This head on approach has been very helpful for Allie and I and will set us up for a smoother move when adjusting to a new culture. We are excited to share more with you in the coming weeks!!
In addition to prayer requests, I wanted to include answers to prayer:
  • 1,200 miles of safe driving down south
  • Safe events in Washington DC
  • We got our passports back with approved visas
  • God continues to provide financially as we fundraise
  • Our training program is paid for and has greatly exceeded our expectations
  • 35 days until we leave!
  • We are starting to pray for a building to start renting in the red light district to serve as our office and community center
  • Pray for our Training.  That our studying would be pleasing to God and we would take away as much as possible.
  • Prayer for our Language Learning.  We’ve hit some frustrations with retaining and are busy with full time training
  • We are still praying for monthly supporters. If you are interested please contact us or click here
Thanks for reading! Be looking out for more updates soon!!
Paul and Allisan

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer from the Beeghlys!
We are currently writing from  Whitehall, MI and preparing to serve in SE Asia.  Whether it’s language, culture training, working or praying for our time overseas, we are definitely enjoying our final 2 months in the United States.  With that said, we can’t wait to get started in pushing forward with our ministries and joining our team in SE Asia. (Here is some of our team from a Wednesday night prayer meeting!)
Here is what we’ve been up to these past couple of months:
– Allie and I have been working to save money both for SE Asia and to pay our bills while in the United States.  God has amazingly provided an opportunity for Allie to cut and style hair at a salon and have her own chair on certain days of the week.  She has been posting on church sites and has had so much fun being able to ‘do’ hair and share about our mission, while making money.  Paul has been working part time for a general contractor.  Maybe not as fun or social as doing hair, but there is nothing more satisfying then the end of a physically grueling day of hard labor.
– Our Summer Training that begins mid-July in Union Mills North Carolina is right around the corner.  Paul is especially pumped for the BBQ.  We’re excited to get further educated on communicating cross-culturally, adjusting to a new culture and various missionary best practices.  For more info on what we will be learning during our training, click here.  We met missionaries who did the exact same training and they said it’s very intense with writing papers and reading lots of books.  Please be praying for our training as we prepare for the long haul.
– We sent off our Visa Applications to the Consulate.  Please be praying for speedy and successful approval of our applications with no hiccups.  We are starting out on an education visa for a year, will renew for a 3 month tourist visa next year and then come back to the U.S. to reapply for a Thai non-governmental organization (NGO) visa once our organization is set up as a Thai foundation in 2017.  Ideally, this is what we will renew every year.  I know that’s a lot of information, but one of the most important things about living overseas is making sure your status while living in another country is legitimate.
Your readership is much appreciated and of course, thank you so much for your prayers and supporting us financially.  With your help and God’s guidance, we have raised over $25,000 that we will have going into our first year of ministry in Thailand. Due to our job opportunities, we’ve been blessed to be able to save everything that has been donated so far until we depart on September 1st.  Praise the Lord!
We are 70% funded and if you’re interested in making a tax deductible donation, please check out our website at :   Please let me know if you have any questions!
God Bless and we wish you all a lovely summer!  Look forward to updating you next month from our missionary training in North Carolina!
Paul and Allisan

Drugs, Firearms and Humans…

We have a quick thought and an update.  Consider this:

“The sale of women and children, not prostitution, not pornography…the sale of another human being is the 3rd largest industry in the world.”

~ CIA Statistic

We saw this quote in a movie called Nefarious: Merchant of Souls and it blew my mind. A year ago, when I thought of the word ‘slavery,’ I thought of what I learned in grade school while studying American history.  I thought about the presence of slavery in the old and new testament whether it was the Hebrews in exile or Paul writing a letter to a slave owner in the book of Philemon.  But this idea of ‘modern slavery’ was hard to grasp.  How could this go on in the world I thought I knew?


Just like drugs and illegal weapons are trafficked over borders and sold, men, women and children are exploited and forced into various forms of work. On our 3 month trip to Cambodia we saw slavery first hand.  Whether it was the 26 year old men I was teaching who had been working 14 hour days on fishing boats with no pay for the last 8 years of their lives or 14-22 year old women who have been sold into prostitution internationally.


It’s clear to say that modern slavery s real and growing rapidly.  Some might say it’s just business.  There is obvious opportunity for earning lots of money from a trafficker’s standpoint.  The scariest part to me is the “why” behind the increased human trafficking numbers.  Think about it.  Why is this infringement on basic human rights growing?   Let’s use the example of the rising demand for prostitution in specific areas of South East Asia.  SE Asia is a place where people go to live out their sexual fantasies.  Because of the increase in ‘sex tourists’ (the demand), it increases the need and the supply of more women and child prostitutes.  One could argue that it’s an increase in sin or more sinners or the lack of Christ in the hearts of people who can afford to go to SE Asia and sleep with prostitutes.  It breaks our hearts to see the realness of sin and the effect is has on the poor and vulnerable around the world.



With the above stated, we wanted to share what our team is looking to do to fight against both the supply and demand of the sex industry. These respected ministries serve to show the love of Christ through Evangelism, Education and Community Development.

Red Light District Ministry: Having a presence in the red light district is a key priority for establishing a communal base for Evangelism and making the name of Jesus known in the epicenter of sin and corruption in SE Asia.

Learning Center: In our attempt reach out to workers in the red light district and develop a more informed community, we want to offer free educational opportunities such as English, Business, Personal Finance and other various classes.

Hair Salon Training Center: Creating a cosmetology school for women rescued out of modern-day slavery provides women the opportunity for sustainable education and dignified career. This program will include counseling, daily devotions, personal development and learning how to cut, color, and style hair along with other cosmetic services.

“Johns” Ministry: This ministry looks to seek out individuals who are susceptible to or are seeking out temptations in the red light district. The goal of this outreach is to point people towards true love and true satisfaction.

Please help us by praying over these ministries.

With our September 1st departure in sight, we are getting more and more excited for our mission to SE Asia.  Here are several examples of how God has provided for us as we prepare for what He has called us to:

  • We are 56% Funded!
  • Paul is working full time when in Santa Rosa working for a general contractor.  His boss is a Christian and is very flexible with giving time off when we are out of town to fundraise.
  • Partnering with churches and sharing about our ministries all over California and in Michigan.
  • We are being sponsored for our Missions Training this Summer in North Carolina.
  • Gaining numerous connections both state side and overseas.
  • Our Team in SE Asia has nearly doubled for our arrival in September.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for safe travel and productive preparation as our last months close in.
  • Pray for fundraising.  Our goal is 60% funded prior to departure.
  • Please pray for the above ministries.
  • Pray for a safe path against corruption as we put roots down in SE Asia.
Thanks for reading and please let us know if you have any questions!
The Beeghlys

We’re Leaving September 1st!

For those of you who have followed Allie and I or supported us through prayer and finances, we wanted to update you on what’s been going on since we had initially announced our departure to SE Asia!  2016 brings new challenges/opportunities to trust God and final preparations to successfully launch and transition overseas.  I want to announce that we couldn’t be more excited to buy our plane tickets today!  Thank you for reading our web posts and we can’t wait to keep you updated with our trip from overseas!

Here’s what has been happening:

  • One of the ways we are going to prepare ourselves for living in another country is attend an intercultural training program this summer.  You may have noticed that we have changed our departure date to September 1st from a hopeful early May departure. We will be in North Carolina at the Center for Intercultural training to learn how to successfully navigate cross cultural contexts in practical and theoretical ways.  We know this is going to be an awesome investment in ourselves and a great way to prepare for overseas life- long term.
  • By far, the most daunting task that we are preparing for is trying to learn a language where the tone dictates the meaning.  We have to learn 42 consonants and 20 vowel sounds.  Allie and I are working on our own while in the states, but we are looking forward to immersing ourselves in the language and having a tutor.  For the first year, we will be on an education visa as language students so our ability to stay in the country will be directly connected to our success in learning the language.
  • We realize that we can’t go to SE Asia without the support of other people and so we have been fundraising for the past 3 months.  Whether it’s meeting with churches or individuals, we are trying to convey a ministry worth getting behind with finances and prayer.  Readers, I’ll be honest… Fundraising is the worst.  If I’m being real, it is not fun to ask for money.  Unfortunately, it’s a real part of missions, moving overseas, making sure we can survive and are able to accomplish what we feel called.  Contact us and we would love to discuss partnering with you financially!  Or Click Here.
  • We have recently celebrated some mile markers.  Cheers to my mom who turned 50!  On her big day, one of her friends said, “Wow, I would have guessed you were in your 40’s!”  #shewasyesterday
  • Allie and i celebrated two years of Marriage.  Thanks to everyone for your wishes!  Year three is going to be an adventure and we agreed that we want to make it a year of hard work but most importantly completely letting go of control and trusting in God.  We can’t wait to see how He will work through us.


We are excited to bring you much more interesting updates once we make it to SE Asia.  Until then, please keep praying for our departure and our fundraising.  We are hoping to meet our minimum 60% by May 1st so if you were thinking about donating to us, now is the time to start praying about a potential partnership with us and what God is doing in SE Asia.  Please check out our donation page for any questions around giving and prayers.

Thanks again to all of you who have already contributed to our fundraising where you can.  Your faithfulness helps us live out our faithfulness as we trust God with all of our provisions.  God Bless you!


Paul and Allisan

Beegsabroad in 2016

The next years will be spent in SE Asia! Known as one of the largest human trafficking hubs in South East Asia, we will be working alongside church planters and missionaries to start the first anti-trafficking network and ministry in the region.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.27.59 PMWe are committed to living out the Bible’s instructions to “proclaim the good news to  the poor…bind up the brokenhearted.. [and] to proclaim freedom for the captives” (Isaiah 61:1).  What better way to do this than with the skills God has given us.  I, Paul, will be looking to grow the ministry and advance the organization while A uses her expertise as a Hair Stylist to help start a vocational training salon.  The training salon will be one of the ministries we start to help keep women out of prostitution by learning career skills to make it on their own outside of the sex industry. Of course, the goal is to bring these women not just freedom from human modern-day slavery, but the true freedom which is found only in Jesus Christ. With all the stains of shame and guilt  that come with working in the sex industry,  there is a heightened meaning to God’s analogy in Isaiah 1:18 when He says, “though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.”  We invite you to witness this transformation!  Please join along side us and be a part of what God is doing in SE Asia by supporting us through prayer and finances.

What the months ahead look like for us:

We are planning to leave in the beginning of September.  As we start our two-year initial commitment, we have budgeted for all of our first years legal, living, medical, housing and ministry costs.  Although we still need to raise our initial set-up costs for our arrival, our biggest need at this time is monthly support.  We are trusting the Lord for all of our needs to fulfill His calling on our lives.

Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering partnering with us during our time in SE Asia.  As an example of transparency and putting our best foot forward in a partnership, please check out our projected annual budget below.  Please let me know if you have any questions!  We look forward to sharing our ministry journey with you.  Check out our other pages!