White Doves – Siem Riep, Cambodia

Paul and I have prayerfully decided to move to Cambodia to potentially pursue long term missions. We will be heading out September 10th of this year and will be living in Siem Reap for the next 3 months. The purpose of this trip is to use our talents and time to a worthy cause, in the name of Jesus.

I wanted to post more about the organization we will be working with.


The organization we will be working with is called White Doves. Their objective is to empower 17-25 year old men and women who are getting out of the sex trafficking industry with skills, resources and opportunity to support themselves. The human and sex trade industry is a growing problem and concern in the Cambodian society. This organization works specifically with the recovery for victims of “The Trade.”

Siem Reap is a town of about 90,000 inhabitants, and the statistics say that it’s the second poorest province in Cambodia. This is also where the famous Angkor Wat temple is located bringing heavy Tourism as well as “sex-tourists” to take advantage of the dense network of child prostitution. Deep local corruption and legal loop holes in the country make it possible for brothels, karaoke shops and massage parlors to continue their businesses and continue the exploitation of poor desperate Cambodian families.

White Doves gives young men and women a chance to start a new life and an opportunity to leave the sex-industry, while preparing them to join full time employment. During their time here, they will work and learn several different skills to prepare themselves for a new life such as personal finance or starting their own business, or even learning specific skills such as tech, cosmetology or tailoring. This also includes basic education such as math, reading and writing, basic English, health and hygiene, and family planning.

As a Christian organization, daily devotionals allow these new students to learn about God’s love after a life of struggling to know any genuine love in their lives. Many have been sold by parents to support their family and have experienced deception and betrayal in one form or another. We are excited for the opportunity share about a Creator who IS Love and is jealous for them.

How lucky are we to have this opportunity!

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