2nd Update: 500 words and check out my ride

After two weeks of being in the sweltering furnace of Cambodia, it is safe to say that I am the only living human in the  city of Siem Reap who consistently checks their blind spot.  In a world of Bikes, Mo-peds (they call them “motos”), “tuk tuks” (imagine a mo-ped that pulls a small carriage) and generic name cars from the 90’s, it’s wild and yet surprisingly steady.
 Cambodia favors the aggressive driver and that’s it!  Anyone who hesitates has to slam on their breaks and embarrassingly wait for a calm on the busy two lane dirt roads.  It brings a whole new meaning to #bravecycling.  Check out these sweet rides!

It’s been a while since our last post and I’m realizing now it’s because we didn’t have a constant flow of happy news to report.  There have been lonely times, frustration, and even moments of “what were we thinking coming here!?”  With that said, the harder times have lead to answered prayers (already!) and a renewed perspective on relying on God and his faithfulness in everything.  We are blessed!
Aside from teaching the young men and women English and Math (and hair for Allie), we are looking to really dive into  making the most of our time at the organization. This is my first non profit that I’ve had the opportunity to work with and I’m learning a lot about culture, growing pains, and measuring success in at organization that wants to grow quickly and still provide care and support with positive long term results.  Some of the specific projects we will look to focus on immediately include helping expanding the organization to Anlong Veng, a city 2 hours north and consulting with the organization’s internal processes and communication.
Paul’s take aways from the last two weeks:
  • In Cambodia it is either raining and muddy or scorching and drying.  I’m not quite sure which I’d rather have.
  • I convinced a local that I was a local.  Language is coming along.
  • Angkor Wat is insane.  It has the grandness of the pyramids with the detail of the Taj Mahal.  I should probably see Tomb Raider at some point.
  • It’s sad to see all of the gateways for prostitution in this town.  Restaurants, Karaoke Bars and in any touristy area.  Where’s the government?
  • Every week we run a kids camp outreach in a specific slum where White Doves has built a small center.  We feed, give haircuts, wash hair and clean cuts for 40-50 kids.
  • For the record, I gave in and got Air Conditioning for our room.  Just in case Allie makes sassy comments about me being cheap on social media
Take Aways from Allie
  • I’m loving being back in Siem Reap.  The only thing I don’t miss is the heat!
  • I’m  teaching students Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and teaching the staff on Thursdays. Hoping to help these girls learn even after I leave.
  • Friday we joined the staff meeting and Manager Meetings.  Non Profit life is interesting and has it’s challenges.
  • Saturday we enjoyed Angkor Wat for the first part of the day. I think we picked the hottest day to do it and we were exhausted.  Good things I brought snacks for Paul.
  • We found THE Cambodian In-N-Out! Mike’s Burger House was inspired by In-N-Out but he adds bacon!  In a world of rice, sometimes you just need a cheese burger.
  • This girl be sweating all day every day.  Thanks for the Air Con, Paul!

We definitely miss you, but thanks for reading!


Paul and Allie

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