You don’t know this about Cambodia!

We wanted to share some things we learned about Cambodia:

  • If you go there and stop speaking good english in order to be understood, you’re speaking english will be becoming even more very bad

  • 5 people on a  Moped is common (unless I’m on it :()
  • Cambodia’s economy has grown 7.5% each  year for the last 3 years… Expect money to come into the country, and when I say that I mean Starbucks and McDonalds
  • Everyone has lice.  It’s the Norm….itch itch
  • 3 million Cambodians out of (8 million) were killed between 1975-1978 at the hands of the Khmer Rouge or the Communist Party that overtook the Capital and displaced a majority of the population from the cities to work in forced labor camps growing Rice.  People died from starvation but many were killed in large pits, called the Killing Fields.  Allie and I visited a memorial site where they killed 10,000 people and buried them all within 6 acres.
  • Cambodia has 32 public holidays every year.  Imagine being guaranteed 30 work days off for things like ‘Paris Peace Agreement Day’ or ‘Water Festival’ or ‘International Human Rights Day’ or ‘King Coronation Day’ or ‘Independence Day’…. We are celebrating all of those during our 3 months here……
  • You can make a good living off of putting air in tires; Bikes, Mopeds, Cars, Buses, you name it… the roads here are sometimes not very “road-like”

I’m not homesick, but there are little things and people I miss more than others.  The top of our list:

  1.   Anyone reading this 🙂
  2.   I miss the softener Allie puts in my laundry.  Question:  If the clothes I get back cleaned and folded from the corner laundromat smell like other people’s body odor, is it clean?   Needless to say, I am very self conscious.
  3. I miss being in control of how much money I make.  This will continue to be a struggle for me.  Please pray for my humility.
  4. The ease of electronic banking. We’re on the cash system, haven’t tried debit cards here yet, and nobody accepts credit cards… at least where we like to eat.  Dave Ramsey would be proud, but I can’t stand him sometimes.
  5. Not having fresh bug bites everyday!
  6. Not worrying about ants covering my body when I sleep.  Yes it happened.  Yes, I got bites.  Yes, I regret sleeping in the ‘buff’. 
  7. Allie misses looking in the mirror and not thinking, “I look like a modest boy.”  *Editors note: (Of course she doesn’t.  She’s beautiful but I think she’s getting sick of baggy clothes and sweating through them.)
  8. Good or even decent Mexican food is missed.  What I would do for Los Agaves in Santa Barbara!

I hope you learned a little more about Cambodia and a little more about our lives over here in this country we have already started loving.  Maybe Cambodia is just getting used to us!

4 thoughts on “You don’t know this about Cambodia!

  1. We miss you two! Sounds like quite the adventure 🙂 We’ll continue to pray for you, know you are so loved and missed.


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