Cambodia: When bugs bite…..

Last post I had mentioned waking up covered in ants.  Ants aren’t so uncommon of course when you’re sleeping it’s like you’re waking up to an INVASION!  Little did I know at the time but I was covered in something a little different than ants.


Growing up, the horrible parents of the world will say a catchy warning before you go to sleep.  It rhymes and as a kid you think it’s a myth or why else would your parental guardians be so non-chalantly wishing you good fortune about something so serious.  All I know is that talk is cheap.
“Sleep Tight, Don’t let the……
Yep.  We got devoured by bed bugs.  And I mean everywhere.  My most vulnerable crevices were violated and left red and itchy to make me feel used and sad.  How I wished it was ants.  Anyway, I didn’t realize until the next day and within 30 minutes we were checked into a clean hotel planning for new living arrangements.  I guess I’m not so tough.
Thanks to the people reading this.  It’s nice to have a following.  I feel like T-Swift releasing new hit single every time I get to share a new thought with the internet.  Hopefully you don’t find me as crazy but every bit as dainty and attractive.
Our new living situation is with our Norwegian Friends, Tor Sven and Mary Utvik.  They are the same age as us and they have been in Cambodia working with White Doves for 11 months.  We have been so blessed by them and have learned so much about what missionary life looks like in Cambodia as well as raising a baby overseas.  All I have to say is baby Ana Utvik makes my ovaries glow.  They have also been great friends to us.  Our favorite thing to do involves making pizzas on a pan (no oven), eating Norwegian chocolate and playing cards.  Folks, we are in good hands!  We will be taking over their apartment as they leave Nov 21and squatting until we leave December 15th.  Here is Sven with his accordion.  Classic European.
Living in Cambodia is fun, especially when we try and make things like in America.
 For example, pizza making with no oven.  Not an easy task, but we have perfected the pan pizza with great toppings.
Carving weird Cambodian pumpkins and the preferred alternative, baby watermelons to celebrate fall!
We got lazy on costumes this year for Halloween.  With nothing creative we wore normal clothes and a sign that said… well here’s a picture:
Next on my list is blasting the Air-Con so that it’s cold enough to actually enjoy soup…. that will be an expensive one!
We are loving life and making the most of things we don’t expect.  I think James said it best, “consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of various kinds” (James 1:2).  I don’t know if James ever got bed bugs and lice at the same time or ever lived in Cambodia (actually he died by being pushed off a building for not denying his faith and when he survived he was beaten with clubs), but it’s so much easier when God is with you.
Thanks for your prayers and for those of you reading before you go to bed, Sleep Tight!

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