Thailand: There and Back Again (Part 1)

We saw going to Thailand as an opportunity to take a step back from ministry and further discern the direction we felt like God was calling us to.  It was also great to explore a new country which turned out to be extremely different than Cambodia.  One of the fun parts was having Allie drive me around on a  Moto….very emasculating…  I had no idea that Thailand would have nice roads, modern public transportation and overall a cleanliness that equated to cities in the U.S.  Add some more skyscrapers, diversity, baseball and hot dogs and we might as well be in some nicer areas of Chicago.  This picture does not show that at all….


It was extremely refreshing to step into a more modern country.  I love Cambodia, but you’re either getting chased by dogs or worried that you’re eating one.  With that said, they drive on the left hand side of the road in Thailand AND there were people taller than me for once; not every country can be perfect!

One of the cool things about our trip was that we got to see parts of the whole country, which of course called for some serious travel.  We started on an 8 hour bus ride, spent the night in Bangkok and ate street food before boarding a 14 hour night train to Chang Mai, a bigger city towards the northern part of Thailand.  I was especially excited to go here because I heard people saying that they had good Mexican food in Chang Mai, which was exaggerated…. que mal suerte 😦.  It’s my own fault though, I don’t think Tex-Mex is good.  Give me Santa Barbara Mexican food or from Mexico will do!!…….After spending sometime at a Missionary retreat center, which is probably loads of fun for retirees and big families, we made a spontaneous decision to go to Phuket, Thailand, which is a south island near Malaysia.  Sometimes you just wake up and decide to go!  Allie is still shocked that “Planner Paul” left his bus and train tickets to buy plane tickets to go somewhere outside of our calculated and budgeted itinerary.  That will have to be another blog post.

Over all, Thailand rocks!  Great food, clean, and the people act like they’ve seen white people before.  A huge plus for a more popular place for tourism in South East Asia.

Back in Cambodia I joined a basketball team. With the number one selection of the Cambodian National Team, we have selected Paul “Glory Days Chaser” Beeghly:IMG_1597

I hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving.  The holidays make us miss family and friends, but mostly turkey and football.  Can’t believe we have less than 20 days until we come home.  I wonder what we will do next?!



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