Happy Summer!

Happy Summer from the Beeghlys!
We are currently writing from  Whitehall, MI and preparing to serve in SE Asia.  Whether it’s language, culture training, working or praying for our time overseas, we are definitely enjoying our final 2 months in the United States.  With that said, we can’t wait to get started in pushing forward with our ministries and joining our team in SE Asia. (Here is some of our team from a Wednesday night prayer meeting!)
Here is what we’ve been up to these past couple of months:
– Allie and I have been working to save money both for SE Asia and to pay our bills while in the United States.  God has amazingly provided an opportunity for Allie to cut and style hair at a salon and have her own chair on certain days of the week.  She has been posting on church sites and has had so much fun being able to ‘do’ hair and share about our mission, while making money.  Paul has been working part time for a general contractor.  Maybe not as fun or social as doing hair, but there is nothing more satisfying then the end of a physically grueling day of hard labor.
– Our Summer Training that begins mid-July in Union Mills North Carolina is right around the corner.  Paul is especially pumped for the BBQ.  We’re excited to get further educated on communicating cross-culturally, adjusting to a new culture and various missionary best practices.  For more info on what we will be learning during our training, click here.  We met missionaries who did the exact same training and they said it’s very intense with writing papers and reading lots of books.  Please be praying for our training as we prepare for the long haul.
– We sent off our Visa Applications to the Consulate.  Please be praying for speedy and successful approval of our applications with no hiccups.  We are starting out on an education visa for a year, will renew for a 3 month tourist visa next year and then come back to the U.S. to reapply for a Thai non-governmental organization (NGO) visa once our organization is set up as a Thai foundation in 2017.  Ideally, this is what we will renew every year.  I know that’s a lot of information, but one of the most important things about living overseas is making sure your status while living in another country is legitimate.
Your readership is much appreciated and of course, thank you so much for your prayers and supporting us financially.  With your help and God’s guidance, we have raised over $25,000 that we will have going into our first year of ministry in Thailand. Due to our job opportunities, we’ve been blessed to be able to save everything that has been donated so far until we depart on September 1st.  Praise the Lord!
We are 70% funded and if you’re interested in making a tax deductible donation, please check out our website at : https://beegsabroad.com/supportus/   Please let me know if you have any questions!
God Bless and we wish you all a lovely summer!  Look forward to updating you next month from our missionary training in North Carolina!
Paul and Allisan

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