Update from D.C. and North Carolina Ya’ll

Haiiy Ya’ll,

Let this blog post serve as a public announcement of love – I am in love with Bojangles Fried Chicken and biscuits.  With that said, I still haven’t had BBQ down here yet, so I may be in a confusing and delicious love triangle.  That’s right!  We have had a successful and safe trip down to what feels like the very very deep deep south.  Ever heard of Union Mills, NC? Didn’t think so!
As many of you know, Allie and I were in Michigan and got to drive down to Washington DC on our way to our training. It was my first time and we were excited to attend a Christian event on the mall of the capitol where we got to see Casting Crowns, Crowder, Lecrae, Hillsong and great speakers like Francis Chan and Ravi Zacharias.  It was a fun event and great heat and humidity training for SE Asia.  It was so hot that they cancelled the event 5 hours early and 350 people had reportedly passed out from heat exhaustion.  DC in the summer is beautiful/brutal.  We also got to attend an International Justice Mission meeting in the same church that Frederick Douglas used to attend; a very fitting location for modern day abolitionists.


We have made it to our cross cultural and missionary training at the Center for Intercultural Training.  It has been such a focused and formative time as we prepare for ministry.  Among the many things we are covering, I feel most grateful about learning to process how to leave America well – which will directly effect transitioning well in SE Asia.  It’s been really important for Allie and I to face the entirety of our transition head on because it’s easy (especially for me) to bury all of my thoughts and feelings.  This head on approach has been very helpful for Allie and I and will set us up for a smoother move when adjusting to a new culture. We are excited to share more with you in the coming weeks!!
In addition to prayer requests, I wanted to include answers to prayer:
  • 1,200 miles of safe driving down south
  • Safe events in Washington DC
  • We got our passports back with approved visas
  • God continues to provide financially as we fundraise
  • Our training program is paid for and has greatly exceeded our expectations
  • 35 days until we leave!
  • We are starting to pray for a building to start renting in the red light district to serve as our office and community center
  • Pray for our Training.  That our studying would be pleasing to God and we would take away as much as possible.
  • Prayer for our Language Learning.  We’ve hit some frustrations with retaining and are busy with full time training
  • We are still praying for monthly supporters. If you are interested please contact us or click here
Thanks for reading! Be looking out for more updates soon!!
Paul and Allisan

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