Love, Paul and Allie

Allie and Paul were married in March of 2014 and lived in Santa Barbara, CA for most of their relationship.  About a year and a half later, they decided they wanted to travel and serve before they missed their chance.  This originally brought them to Cambodia where they spent a 3 month vision trip during the fall and winter of 2015.  Since then, the Beeghlys have prayerfully decided to move to one of the least reached regions in Southeast Asia.  Please SIGN UP to receive our updates and learn more about their Anti-sexual exploitation work.  For more info on their mission in Southeast Asia click here.  #beegsabroad  To support Paul & Allie, check out your options by clicking this link.


Paul was born in California but grew up in Dearborn, MI where he graduated from Dearborn High School in 2008.  He then moved to Santa Barbara to attend Westmont College where he graduated with a major in Communication Studies and minor in religious studies (’12).  Paul  gained nearly 3  years experience at a growing SaaS company at AppFolio Inc. in Santa Barbara before moving overseas, contributing in Account Management and Account Executive roles.  Paul is dedicated to watching every Michigan State football game regardless of where he is worldwide and often reminisces about his “glory days” when he could play sports with out feeling it the next day.

Allisan Grace, eldest daughter of Dennis and Paula, hails from both Bakersfield and Santa Rosa, CA where she spent most of her life.  Graduating at 16 from high school and having an associates degree at 18, Allie spent her early twenties pursuing missions at YWAM from 2010-2012.  After coming home to become a certified cosmetologist (Paul Mitchell Santa Barbara 2013) Allie was swept off her feet by some hottie at a wedding.  The rest is history and she is now a Beeghly!  Allie enjoys making friends, laughing and being the world’s go-to hair stylist!  Her skills will be used accordingly as she hopes to open a training salon for women getting out of the trade.


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