Southeast Asia

*Paul and Allisan are working and affiliated with For Freedom International (501(c)3

We are excited to announce that we have prayerfully decided to move to Southeast Asia to work with For Freedom International who is focusing on breaking chains of oppression so that people have the opportunity to encounter Christ, live in freedom and change the world.  We live in one of the least reached areas of SE Asia.  Known for one of the most notorious red light districts in the world and it’s beautiful beaches, this exemplifies the stark contract between what God intended for His Creation and the pervasive, corrupting nature of sin, particularly with in the sex industry.

The numbers are shocking…

  • 4.5 million people in sexual exploitation.
  • 14.2 million in forced labor.
  • 2.2 million in state imposed labor.
  • 99% of people are NEVER rescued.
  • EVERY 30 seconds somebody is forced into modern-day slavery.
  • The average price (in today’s dollars) to purchase a slave in 1850 was $40,000.
  • Today, the average price to purchase a slave, as shared by rescue organizations is $72. This is typical.
  • 1-2% are rescued.
  • The average age of a trafficking victim is 12 years old.



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