Our Purpose


We want to love God, love people and end sexual exploitation.


The numbers are shocking…

  • 4.5 million people in sexual exploitation.
  • 14.2 million in forced labor.
  • 2.2 million in state imposed labor.
  • 99% of people are NEVER rescued.
  • EVERY 30 seconds somebody is forced into modern-day slavery.
  • The average price (in today’s dollars) to purchase a slave in 1850 was $40,000.
  • Today, the average price to purchase a slave, as shared by rescue organizations is $72. This is typical.
  • 1-2% are rescued.
  • The average age of a trafficking victim is 12 years old.

Our motivation for ending modern day slavery comes from the Bible’s instructions to “proclaim good news to the poor…bind up the broken hearted… and to proclaim freedom for the captives (Isaiah 61:2).”


We plan to do this by working with Southeast Asian church planters who want to develop disciples and start a ministry in the red light district.  Starting a hair salon will employ and train women with the necessary skills to help get them out of the industry.  Click Here to read more about the current projects.

We want to share about the true Freedom we have in Christ, not because we deserve it or earned it, but because Jesus loves us. Women and men getting out of prostitution have a very skewed view of what love is and can only be healed by God’s perfect love.  It’s this truth that motivates us to end human trafficking.  Follow our journey by signing up on this link.