Support Us


There’s no secret.  We have needs to be supported financially.  Whether it’s for our basic needs or going towards our ministry costs we can’t do anything on our own.  We are trusting the Lord for all of our needs to fulfill His calling on our lives.  We are thrilled to welcome you to join alongside us and what God is doing in Southeast Asia!  THANK YOU for partnering with us! It is because of you that we can do what the Lord has asked us to do.

“I would like a donation receipt.

For our online donations they can go through For Freedom International. We have partnered with Ankura Ministries to help take care of our checks. They both assist us by giving our donors tax-deductible donation receipts and have options for monthly recurring donations.

To Donate Online: Click here!  You will have the option to set a recurring payment.

To Donate by Mail with a Check: Make your check payable to Ankura Ministries and write Beeghlys in the memo line. Send your check to:

Ankura Mnistries  | P.O. Box 406 |Big Flats, NY 14814.


Thanks for learning more about how you can support Allisan and I.  Living overseas takes a toll on us.  Although we love our opportunity and know that this is where we are supposed to be, ministry in another country can be exhausting physically, emotionally and spiritually.  If you want to know the specifics of how you can be praying of us, please send me an email to join our monthly newsletter.  We also wanted to put some prayer items on a list that we will always need, especially living in Thailand.

  • Prayer for Health and Safety
    • May God keep us under his protection at all times
    • May we avoid sickness from food and disease
  • Prayer for our Marriage
    • May we never stop laughing, loving and learning from each other
    • May we be “like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind”(Philippians 2:2).
  • Prayer for Humility
    • May we do less on our own and rely fully on the Love of Jesus Christ
    • May we do good works with out the expectation of affirmation


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